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Mona's Heart Outreach, Inc. is a nonprofit wrap around agency that provides hope, classes, and resources to the communities we serve through a variety of outreach initiatives. We facilitate life enrichment programs for children, adults, and senior citizens. We are dedicated to continuing the legacy of community outreach that was initiated in the seventies by the late Connie G. Lewis who taught her children and grandchildren to pay it forward by helping others. Her daughter LaMona Joyce continued to serve the Tarrant County community faithfully until she passed away.  In 2010 Mona's Heart was officially started and became a 501(c)3 in 2017.

It is our mission to equip, train, and implement life improvement strategies, by educating/informing clients about the importance of program completion, goal setting, providing available resources, and teaching them how to have healthy mindsets to successfully bridge the gap between seen and unseen barriers that may impede success. MHO is hands on in the community with a variety of independent and collaborative programs.  


We are able to help guide individuals and families through the variety of services, trainings, workshops, and programs. We currently provide assistance via weekly food boxes, quarterly special mobile food pantries, a brick & mortar food pantry, household supplies, limited emergency financial resources, relief referrals to those who are affected by homelessness, feminine hygiene supplies, bi-annually we provide school supplies directly to educators, backpacks, healthy snacks for at risk children/teenagers in low income schools, to assist domestic violence victims, & families who are affected financially, physically, & emotionally due to medical illnesses or loss of income.


We are passionate about bridging the food insecurity & scarcity gap for those in need. Every staff member, interns, and volunteers go through civil rights training to insure we are always practicing diversity, equity, & inclusion with all clients. We serve the Arlington/Mansfield area but we are not limited to serving anyone in need throughout the DFW-Metroplex. We also support disabled veterans, homeless youth, senior citizens, women/children in domestic violence shelters, and those who have experienced displacement through financial hardships.  If we can't help, it is our goal to help locate resources through community partnerships and collaborations. Mona’s Heart Outreach Inc. is committed to excellence, continuous improvement, work-life balance, total wellness, and reliability, for our clients we serve and a source of pride for our staff/volunteers.

Post pandemic we are planning collaborative quarterly basic medical care clinics. Our primary targets are homeless prevention, hygiene kits, menstrual equity, DEI workshops, self-care services, financial literacy, youth initiatives, sustainable proven community outreach services to underserved populations while advocating and collaborating to drastically reduce or eradicate the poverty cycle, violence, food scarcity. For the last 2 years we have successfully provided public health internships, mentorships, leadership cohorts that foster a structured cumulative experience with on-the-job training which create connections of healthy boundaries within the communities we serve.

At Mona's Heart Outreach everything we do is done from a sincere place of compassion and love and with the intention of helping others to improve their quality of life.

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