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Mona's Heart Outreach, Inc. started officially serving both Tarrant and Dallas County residents October 1, 2010 in loving memory of LaMona Joyce. Her heart was as big as Texas and she made it her mission to help anyone that she could. Today her mission of, love, and service continues through Mona's Heart Outreach, Inc. that was co-founded by her only sister, Angela Pitcher and niece Shonny DeBouse-Young. Our founders have been involved in the community since the 70's with the late beloved mother & grandmother Connie G. DeBouse Lewis-Woodard. She would serve and feed children in the park on the North Side of Fort Worth. Mona's Heart Outreach, Inc. will continue their legacy of giving through advocacy, training, & community outreach.


Mission Statement: 

Mona's Heart Outreach, Inc. is a nonprofit wrap around agency that provides hope, classes, and resources to the communities we serve through a variety of outreach initiatives. We facilitate life enrichment programs for children, adults, and senior citizens. 

Vision Statement: 

To equip, train, and implement life improvement strategies, by educating/informing clients about the importance of program completion, providing available resources, and healthy mindsets to successfully bridge the gap between the community with a variety of independent and collaborative programs.  


Quarterly basic medical care clinics, counseling, homeless prevention, hygiene kits, menstrual equity, DEI workshops, self-care services, financial literacy, youth initiatives, & to continuously provide sustainable proven community outreach services to underserved populations while advocating and collaborating to drastically reduce or eradicate the poverty cycle, violence, food scarcity, provide public health internships, & mentorships that foster healthy boundaries within the communities we serve.

At Mona's Heart Outreach everything we do is done from a sincere place of compassion and love and with the intention of helping others to improve their quality of life.  We are an IRS recognized 501c3 Nonprofit.  All donations are tax deductible.

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